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Why should a business give back to the community?


The idea of giving back to society is a movement that has grown over time, and you see it mostly when celebrities do outreaches. People become successful and decide to give back to the community, especially where they come from.

Today, this movement isn't relegated only to individuals; it has spread to businesses giving back to the community where their business is situated.

So why should businesses give back to the community when they aren't obligated to? ..... Here's why it is essential.

Creates an Opportunity for Networking

When your company gets involved in charity work as a way to give back to the community, you get to network. Charity organizations are largely supported by other businesses, most of which are large established businesses.

Getting involved in charities like this allows you to meet these people and network with them. Creating an opportunity for New and better charitable events.

Fosters a Good Relationship Between the Community and the Business

Our good deeds are what will be used to not only judge us but remember us. This same analogy works between the Business owners and the members of the community. Giving back to the community fosters a good relationship between the Business owners and the community.

Encourages loyalty From Employees

Employees have more respect and love for a boss that gives back to the community because ultimately, the boss' actions are helping their community get better.

Fixing the children's park or giving kids educational materials is a service that buys loyalty and respect. This loyalty reflects in the way they do their work. Most times, it is clear that employees whose bosses give back to the community give better service.

The Red Door supports variety of charities in their community. We are currently supporting Love Beyond Walls and H.O.M.E.

Saturday August 17th we will giveback to the most valuable asset of our community Teachers!

Join us in our efforts to give 10 deserving teachers school supplies for their classroom.

See you Saturday August 17th! Thank you for supporting our efforts!

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