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Welcome To The Party

It’s eight PM on a Wednesday night and you're finally in the car riding after an exhausting day of work. As usual, your commute takes you down Rockbridge Road where something unexpectedly catches your eye.  There is something exciting happening at a place that you have never noticed before, but the lavish decor of the entire building is now catching your eye. As you wait in traffic you can hear Maxwell’s Whenever, Wherever crooning from a sound system inside of it.  If you were to look inside, you would be in awe of the array of well-dressed men and women taking sips of reds and whites, sampling tapas and enjoying the ambiance of the evening.

Painting the city Red

For the past two years an incredible secret has been kept in the city of Stone Mountain. Located in the heart of the district, not even fifteen miles outside of downtown Atlanta, The Red Door, owned and operated by a private investment group, has been hosting intimate parties and events for community members, budding entrepreneurs and Atlanta socialites for their second year in a row. Seeking to provide DeKalb county with an upscale and intimate arena where both patrons and professionals alike could collaborate or simply have an enjoyable and safe evening in the city, local leaders Sherell Daniels and Cynthia Coggins found the Rockbridge space to be an exceptional location for their vision.

Having a combination of forty years’ experience within the event production industry, designing luxurious events and providing gourmet catering, the duo brought their talents to Stone Mountain where the response from the community has been incredibly positive.

Whether it is the convenient location; just fifteen miles outside of downtown Atlanta, the architectural design; resembling a beautiful English cottage with a lovely outdoor patio that is also utilized by many guests; the in-house catering where decadent menus can be custom created or the all-inclusive event packages that magically relieves the stress of party planning, The Red Door has become the premiere location for private events in DeKalb.

Isn’t it time you knocked on their door?

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