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Planning the Perfect Holiday Party

Everyone knows that the week of Halloween is officially the start of Holiday season. The stores are already stocking the shelves with holiday decorations and gifts. If you are the planner in your family that means organizing the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday gatherings. I would like to share a few tips to making your holiday party planning a bit easier this year.

1. Make Lists

Making lists help you to stay focused and keeps you on track. Planning ahead and categorizing and compartmentalizing can help you delegate things to others. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed and frustrated. You can enjoy the celebration along with your family and friends.

2. Stock Up

Stock up on nibble style snacks, & small gifts. Things that you can purchase in bulk will come in handy. Especially when cousin Jane brings her friends from college home for the holiday break. They will stay full while you prepare the main course and they will still feel at home when it’s time for the family gift exchange.

3. Deck the Halls

Be creative when it comes to decorating. Don’t break the bank trying to be overly festive. There are great ideas to make any home or venue look amazing. "Bowls of vintage ornaments (from your family's collection or a flea market) grouped by color or glass bowls filled with white twinkle lights can both look striking. Or place decorative branches in painted wine or beer bottles.

As for your exterior, you don't need a house encrusted in twinkle lights to make an impact. Try a single stand-out wreath, potted evergreens, or a big bow on the front door.

4. Set the Mood Set the mood with a homemade CD or computer playlist of holiday songs. It's easy to make and you'll get to hear your favorite mix of seasonal tunes. Remember to keep the music low — conversation is what counts at any celebration. Try to avoid musical selections with lyrics during the dinner hour, which causes competition between the lyrics and the exciting dinner conversation that could go unheard

5. Open Your House If you have a big family like mine, all of your family gatherings are at Uncle Joe’s house because he’s the only one in the family that has a house big enough to host everyone. An new trend is called Holiday Open House. It is a more casual way to host family where they all don’t come at one time. Since everyone will NOT be on time anyway, it allows for a flow of family to come and go throughout the day. Now this will leave you to refresh and host over and over until the last guest is gone.

6. Pick a Neutral Venue

If you want to choose a neutral venue you can select a place like The Red Door. It is just the right size to feel like home, but it allows for you the freedom to just show up. They have a staff on hand that will help you pick colors, themes, and menu choices for your party. Another trend is just hosting One large family holiday gather between Thanksgiving day and Christmas day to allow families to stay home and enjoy their kids and not have to worry about getting to Uncle Joe’s on time!

What ever route you choose to plan your holiday party, keep in the 5 P’s- Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. And for more information on booking your party with The Red Door, give us a call at 404-519-7535.

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