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Making The Most Of Your Meeting

When I get an email that I have a training or some sort of meeting at my job, I go to my closest colleagues and we put together a snack list. This has become a thing for us because it seems as if we need to eat to keep from falling asleep in another boring meeting or training session. Studies show that approximately 91% of people spend time daydreaming during a meeting and nearly 40% have actually dozed off! Even when my superiors try their hardest to make the meetings interactive, sometimes it just doesn’t work.

So what can you do to get more results from your people? How can you get them engaged in learning something new or creating new ideas to help your business grow? It is growing increasingly popular to have meetings offsite. In a recent survey of 607 businesses in the US- nearly two-thirds of respondents stated that they find off-site meetings more productive when held outside of the office. So we’ve got just the spot to get your creative juices flowing.

Whether your business has monthly trainings or the more sparingly quarterly meeting to review or generate ideas, you probably don’t want to break the bank to have these productive out of office meetings. You just need a change of scenery where your colleagues can get out of their comfort zone and conjure up some great ideas.

The Red Door event space is intimate, yet professional. They can provide a variety of layouts. If you need a training space with classroom style set up or something more casual with rounds for activities, they’ve got what you need. All you have to do is meet with one of their meeting planners and tell them how you would like your meeting to flow and they will do the rest. Do you need breakfast, lunch and snack breaks? They can accommodate all of you meal needs as well. And if you want to get creative and make your meeting a themed event, they can decorate the place and make it look like you have stepped right into your vision.

Let’s stop wasting our teams time having meetings that aren’t producing results. Relocating your typical meeting to an offsite location is a great way to infuse new energy and amp up creativity for an otherwise predictable event. The Red Door is here to make it happen.

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