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Learn How To Choose The Best Menu Options For Your Event

I'm sure you want to hear remarks like "the food was great" "wow the menu was rich" from your guests.

A lot of people may not admit this publicly, but the food is a major highlight of an event or ceremony for most people. In fact, a lot of guests look forward to this part of the event. This is more than enough reason why you need to get it right as a host or event planner.

Choosing a menu for your catered event can be tricky because there are a lot of things you need to consider. People's preferences differ, and in some cases, there are dietary restrictions.

It is, therefore, essential to maintain the right balance to be able to satisfy your guests. In this blog, we will take a look at some factors you need to consider when making your menu choices. These factors will also serve as tips that can guide you in choosing the right menu for your catered event.


What type of event are you hosting? Is it a sports event, a religious gathering or a birthday party for kids? The type of event it is will determine the type of guests to expect, and so should guide your menu choice. In the case of a children's party, you should go for a child-friendly menu.

Whole grain spaghetti with spinach and chicken salad would be great options for kids. If your event hosts older people, you may want to present a classic menu. The type of event and the people you're expecting should guide you.


The weather during your event will play a major part in the menu you put out. You'll agree with me that hot soups will not go well on a hot summer afternoon. The same way salads and ice-cold drinks may not be perfect for cold weather conditions. You need to have menu options that will complement the weather conditions and make your guests comfortable.


A wedding ceremony is a type of event that you can't expect a particular set of people or age bracket. You could have kids, individuals that are on a diet, or that have religious restrictions. There could also be people with allergies.

In this instance, it'll be best to have as many options as possible on your menu. Let your target be to have something that will be suitable for all your guests.


Expertise and professionalism play a major role in the success of most ventures. It is always best to leave the catering aspect of your events to professionals. However, these professionals should be "professionals." In order words, they should be good at what they do.

You need to do thorough research before picking a catering company to handle your event. If you're able to make the right choice, it'll do you a world of good. As professionals, they'll give you expert advice on the menu that will be perfect for your event. The Red Door does have an onsite catering options.


How you intend to serve your food will also play a major part while choosing your menu options. Know that there are options that will work well for plated service but not for buffet and vice versa.

Breakfast and lunch are best as served as a buffet while plated service is more suitable for dinner and executive meetings. When you've ascertained the type of service you want to adopt, you can then make your menu choice.

Try to present a menu that will work best with the type of service that you're using. Also, note that the timing of the event should determine your choice of service. It takes a long time to serve plated meals as compared to a buffet.

You may get every other thing right, but the wrong menu options can make your guests see your event as a big disaster! Food experiences usually stick, now whether that experience is a good one or a bad one depends on you. The feeling is heavenly when your event is talked about for all the right reasons. How do you achieve that? Get your menu options, right!

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