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Grow Your Business Through Events Not Social Media Tricks.

Are you posting on Social Media, but not achieving the business growth you desire?

Spending money on Social Media ads, but not getting the return on your investment?

Listen to me, no digital marketing tactics can replace face – to – face marketing through events.

Events are growth engines for businesses. There are no surprises large companies like Apple, Salesforce, and Facebook invest a lot time and money to create large events. These companies understand that people value an experience. Live events can be the single best marketing channel to fuel your business growth.

4 Benefits of Face-to-Face Marketing through Events

  • Expand Your Network - Events give like-minded people the opportunity to form more meaningful connections, with ample opportunity to share their experience on social media.

  • Grow Brand Awareness - When you host an event, your customers will store an image of you in the event space, with a full set of sights, sounds, and even tastes. All those sensory impressions will help keep you in the front of their memory when they’re in the market for your goods or services.

  • Time Efficient - When you have an event you have a whole group of people together instead of trying to sell your product/service on a one-to-one basis. With your audience in front of you can tell them what you have to offer and they can make a decision instantly.

  • Build Trust - Interacting in person is one of the largest factors when it comes to building trust in any relationship, especially in business. This diminishes hesitation with choosing to invest in your company, product or service.

Premium Intimate Event Space

Partner with The Red Door in growing your business though events.

Types of Events



Business Meetings

Appreciation Events

Networking Events

Product Launch

Lunch & Learn

What events will you plan this year for your business?

Be creative and give your audience an experience they will never forget!

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