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DIY Holiday Decorating

Decorating for the holidays can be very expensive. But if you put your mind to it, you can create a magical winter wonderland without breaking the bank or even by using things that are already around your house. I would like to share some ideas that I found creative and you might even have a little fun doing them.

1. Create Your Own Ornaments

Creating your own ornaments is not only creative but can be a lot of fun. You can use nearly anything in the house to add a special design or message and hang on the tree. All you need is a little string, beads, ribbon, glue and lots of glitter!

2. DIY Centerpieces

Placing ornaments or any other colorful item under the wine glasses or a cake plate can liven up any table. You can even use candy, or scarves or ribbon to bring a pop of color to your table. "Bowls of vintage ornaments (from your family's collection or a flea market) grouped by color or glass bowls filled with white twinkle lights can both look striking. Or place decorative branches in painted wine or beer bottles.

3. DIY Window & Door Dressings

As for your exterior, you don't need a house encrusted in twinkle lights to make an impact. Try a single stand-out wreath, potted evergreens, or a big bow on the front door. These simple window & door decoration can easily spruce up any window or door and let the magic into your home for the season!

The holidays are a time to spend with your love ones. All of these ideas are things you can do with the family as activities for your holiday gatherings. It is always fun when you bring in a little competition with creativity. You never know what you are going to get! So join in the conversation and let us know some of your DIY holiday decorating ideas. We hope you and your family have a happy holiday creating memories for years to come!

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