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Creative Marriage Proposals

When is the perfect time to pop the question?   First of all, before you start to plan your proposal, you need to consider the personality of your partner, and then ensure that you create an ideal proposal that will inspire an enthusiastic "Yes" answer from her. In this post, we’re going to look at various types of marriage proposals that are highly creative.

Beach Proposal

An exquisite stretch of soft beach sand and the gentle roaring of the waves can offer a romantic and lovely setting for your marriage proposal, but the beach setting is just one side of the proposing plan. You will still have to decide how you are going to carry out the other side of the plan.

There are different ways by which you can make a romantic proposal in a beach setting. Picture the both of you hold hands together and walking on the beach, You were feeling the cool breeze drift and the rolling waves across you. As you were walking along, you get to a spot where you see something boldly and well written in the beach sand. You will then pretend as if you've not seen this message beforehand, but, you were the one that wrote it just a couple of hours earlier in the beach spot that the tide won't wash away when it comes. Ask your partner to read the message, and as she is reading it, pull out the ring box from your pocket and make it ready for her to see when she turns toward you.

Another special way of making your proposal romantic on the beach is by building a bonfire on the beach. Choose a beach location that is secluded where the tide will not reach you and the wind is not too strong. Then set up the fire ahead of time so that it will be ready for lighting before you get there.

As the both of you are snuggling together and gazing at the burning bonfire, begin to tell her that she came to your life and light up your world like the fire. Tell her that she sets your soul on fire anytime you look at her, and you cannot imagine anything more amazing than coming back every year to this beach at this same location to celebrate the anniversary of this special moment. Then bring out the ring box and propose.

Skywriting Proposal

Skywriting proposal is one of the most creative ways of proposing. This is the act of using an aircraft, that has the capacity of expelling special smoke during its flight, to fly in some patterns to create a writing on the sky that is readable by people on the ground. This form of proposal is expensive, but it’s worth the money.

Though skywriting marriage proposals have been done in time past, but it is still very special and hilarious. After all, it’s only a few fleets that can make it happen in the world, and its technology used in creating letters in less than five seconds is patented. And if the weather conditions are not favorable, then it won’t work that day.

Newspaper Ad Proposal

The last but not the least form of a proposal to be discussed here is the Newspaper Advert Proposal. Take your partner on a picnic, and suggest to her to take a look at your local newspaper. Then, go down on your knee, as she gets to the newspaper page that reads: “I love everything about you with all my heart. We have been together for some times now and the love I have for you grows more every year. You are the most special person I’ve ever met in life and you’re always there for me both in good and in bad times. My family cherishes you and I can’t imagine living without you. My best wish is for you to say yes and make me the happiest man on planet earth.” Bring out the ring and propose to her.


The perfect proposal is only the first part of the wedding planning, stay tuned all Spring for more tips on celebrating your special day.

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