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A Dying Art: The RSVP

Working in the event industry for fifteen years we have made some very interesting observations here at The Red Door.

For one, the digital revolution is changing the way we communicate about our special events.

As millennial's have begun getting married and having children, instead of sending letters in the mail or calling friends one by one, many people are able to save both time and money by sending out invitations through mass text messages and emails.

But the problem isn't how the message is getting to the guests, it is the guests not responding that makes party planning so stressful. 

The RSVP, which is an abbreviation that comes from the French term Répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning Reply Please, has been being used for decades so hosts are able to get an accurate count of who will actually be attending the event.

Pop quiz:

What is the first thing that you should do when you receive an invitation to an event?

A. Get super excited about your friend's wedding and run to call your mother.  Post a picture of the invite on Instagram and add the date to your iCalendar.  Text the bride-to-be  that you can't believe that after eight years the two are finally making it happen.

B. Throw the letter away because, "you ain't spending no money" just because your coworker decided to try to stunt and have a destination wedding in Hawaii. Probably can't even spell Kauai...

C. Immediately fill out the RSVP card with your plus 1 checked; put it in the mail to be shipped and circle the date on your calendar.

D. What invitation?

If you're like most people than you probably chose either A or B, if you're like me than you chose D, and if you are a responsible and dependable adult, then you chose the correct answer which is C!

Why should I RSVP?

It's simple, events with too many guests can cause safety hazards or can be embarrassing when people are turned away at the door.

Even worse is when a couple plans a lavish wedding,  spending tens of thousands of dollars, only to have no one show up.

Has 1000 Friends on Facebook, 14 show up to the wedding.

Perhaps the issue is that many people do not understand the per person costs of a wedding and how their absence makes a difference.


The size of the event location is mostly determined by the expected guest count. If you are having an intimate event Atlanta, I know of a really great place.


Have you seen the cost of stamps these days!

-Food and Dinnerware

Don't be mad at us when you have a veggie plate instead of the Sirloin steak and you're eating on a napkin with a fork.


(Yes having your very own spandex chair cover costs the host money)

 -Party favors

Hey, if you don't want those playing cards with your friends names on them, I will surely add them to my collection.

Spades Partner: "Hey Lee, who's John and Jennifer?"

Me. " ."

But don't worry, even if you're a terrible friend, the universe always has a way of balancing things out.

Maybe someone else who didn't RSVP was able to get my wings and fruit dip at the baby shower that I lied and said I would be coming to last weekend.

With Regrets


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