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7 Surefire Ways to Become the Ultimate Host

Here at The Red Door we have been privileged to be a part of many exciting celebrations around the Atlanta area. After hosting hundreds of parties and other social events, we’ve learned a few things about what makes a party memorable. While you are busy designing your own special day, keep in mind that no matter how nice the facility, lovely the decorations or tasty the food, the most important piece of your planning puzzle is ensuring that each of your guests have a wonderful time.

Here are 7 Ways for you to become the Ultimate Host

1. Smile

I don’t care if the kitchen is on fire, the restrooms are overflowing, or the valet drivers are drag racing in the parking lot, maintaining a pleasant demeanor on your face makes your guest’s feel welcomed and at ease. Consider that if your guests feel comfortable, and unaware of any issues that may be happening around them, then your credibility as a great host soars. Not to mention that it has been scientifically proven that the action of smiling actually puts you in a better mood. So get out white strips the night before and prepare to say “Cheese!”

2. Connect with Everyone at the Event

Forget any high school flashbacks, once the party begins the host is no wall flower. Make it a point to greet all of your honored guests. Don't spend too much time huddled in a corner with your "clique," get out there and mingle with all of those people whom you spent so much time sending invitations to. Shake their hands, ask about their children, compliment their attire, etc.  Just be interested in them and make sure to thank them for coming to the event.

3. Anticipate Guests Needs

Extra chairs, white wine instead of red, to-go boxes (haha) these are common requests from party-goers and you should be prepared on how you will respond to each one no matter how ridiculous. Make sure silverware, toilet paper and Drake playlists are well stocked so you don't have to spend precious time washing dishes or making a Party City run.

4. Deal with problems

In a perfect world, at your event the air conditioning would never stop working, the DJ wouldn't be two hours late and Uncle Johnny would have stayed away from the open bar after his fifth refill of Jack and Coke. Unfortunately this isn't a perfect world and there may be problems that threaten to disrupt your party.As the Ultimate Host however, you laugh in the face of any issues that may arise at your event. To you, a problem is just a solution waiting to be discovered. Once a potential issue has been brought to your attention make it your sole priority to have it resolved quickly without alerting any of your guests.

5. Have entertainment for your guests

There's a reason why restaurants play sports games, besides to distract their guests from the long wait they had to endure; actually that's the only reason.

No matter how great the food or lively the conversation without some form of entertainment your guests may become bored. At your event make sure to have some good music, art pieces or games to play throughout the evening.

6. Be in harmony with your team

Besides the beverage selections, the competency of your team and hired vendors is one of the most important factors determining the success of any event. Make sure everyone understands their roles and performs them accordingly. The DJ shouldn't be serving strawberry cheesecake, the ticket taker shouldn't spinning records in the DJ booth and the Hookah server shouldn't be dancing on the bar Ugly Coyote style. Also, because these are the people helping your find solutions to your problems, make sure to treat them nicely and not take your frustrations out on them.

7. Enjoy yourself

Congratulations, the party is progressing smoothly and everyone is having a great time. As the host you should take a few moments to pat yourself on the back for a job well done and then get out there enjoy the celebration that you've worked so diligently on. Your deserve it!

For more tips on planning the Ultimate Event check back on our site each week.

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