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5 Steps to Planning An Intimate Wedding

1. Embrace The Benefits – Intimate weddings are really special. Intimate weddings are less stressful, personal, and avoid the madness of a fast-paced big wedding production. A smaller wedding allows more time to spend with the people that truly matter most to you and your partner. Being surrounded by fewer people allows the bride and groom to be themselves. Creating a loving environment with their favorite people. Having a smaller wedding doesn’t make your celebration any less meaningful.

Other benefits of an intimate wedding:

• Less expensive

• Spend more time with your guest

• More control of setting the mood


2. Create A Budget - Figuring out your wedding budget can be confusing if you are planning a large event, but luckily you have decided to have an intimate wedding. It will not be difficult to narrow down how much you are going to spend. One in three couples go over budget, make sure you’re not one of them by setting a realistic wedding budget.

First, have a talk with everyone who will be paying for the wedding. Consider the wedding style and picture what you want your wedding to look like. Establish how much you are willing to spend and then determine which categories will receive what percentage of the funding. Make sure you maintain a detailed spreadsheet, prepare for unexpected costs, and be prepared to make meaningful cuts when needed.

3. Start Designing Your Wedding! - This is the best part of planning the wedding, designing it! Get inspired! Think about how you want your wedding to look and feel. Will it be casual or extremely formal? Most likely you have already looked at Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding websites for inspiration, But now it's time to put those ideas into action.

Wedding Essentials Checklist:

- Guest List - Entertainment - Invitations

- Venue - Menu - Decorations

- Reception - Transportation - Clothing

- Gifts

4. Cut Out What Isn't Important To You - An intimate wedding is about creating a close-knit occasion for your guest, so trimming excess and getting rid of things you don’t really need is extremely important. The simple answer: Do what you and your spouse love! Then cut out all the rest that distracts and keeps you from doing what’s important.

Eliminating Excess:

  • Consider eliminating the need for ceremony seating and host a standing ceremony.

  • Choose a small venue—don’t even consider hotel ballrooms or country clubs.