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Crystal Myers

Malcolm Kilpatrick, the handsome, intelligent, ladies man, and baby of the Kilpatrick clan, is the newly appointed manager of his family's restaurant. Everything in his life is going as planned until the beautiful Taylor Montgomery returns to Folly Beach, igniting a fire he's never felt before, It forces him to give love a try.

Taylor Montgomery, the beautiful socialite, has return to her hometown to help her mother care for her ailing father. She opens her dream business, on the most sought after street in town. She is elated until she discovers Malcolm Kilpatrick, her high school crush, manages his family's business across the street.

The two decide to give love a chance engaging in a world wind romance that takes their small town by storm. Their new love is blossoming into something beautiful and long lasting until it is threaten by a jealous brother.

Can true love survive a dangerous sibling rivalry?

Brown Sugar

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