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Best Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers have been going on for a while but they recently picked up with fervor. Bridesmaids are going out of their way to make sure their girl gets a memorable bridal shower.

What was usually hen’s night which should have been the opposite of bachelor's eve has turned into a full on party. Ladies no longer just dress up and go to the club or get a nicely built male dancer to put a healthy blush on the bride's face. These days, bridal showers have taken a personality of their own. From themes to food choices and venues, bridal showers have grown big. Some even higher special planners for them. Phew! When a bride has genuine friends as bridesmaids, they will bend back over to give her an amazing surprise bridal showers.

Everyone wants something creative. Here are 5 unique ideas for a bridal shower.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean (all women squad) Who doesn't love captain Jack sparrow? At your service ladies. Every bride's maid can dress up as a character from any of the movie’s part and the bride gets to be Jack sparrow. To make it even more real, a ship can be rented, the decorations similar to that of the movies. The drinks can either be rum or made to look like rum. Ahoy matey!

2. Ladies of Disney: A bridal shower theme centered around the different princesses of Disney animations is a refreshing look. Disney has an abundance of beloved princesses and so you can never run out characters to dress up as. Decorate the venue like a ball Room with royal looking finger foods and snacks and a castle cake with a princess topping!

3. Ancient civilization themed shower: Ancient Rome, Greece or Egypt are very beautiful styles to base a bridal shower on. The props are easy to get and these cultures have been known for their love of a good party. You will get to dress in beautiful flowing dresses and use wreaths (if you go with a Roman theme)

4. Wakanda warriors: If you ladies are feeling a little adventurous, try this. No hair shaving though. If your girl is a die hard fan of black panther, Then please let her be Okoye,head of the Wakandan guards. Purple lanterns will make an impressive vibranium themed decor. Design a cake that looks like a black panther head or logo. As a bridal shower idea, this is a lot daring and parallel but that is the whole point. Please break the internet.